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Find Out About Our One of a Kind Dinosaur, Theiophytalia kerri


The Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center is FREE and your gateway to Garden of the Gods Park. Here, the geology, ecology and cultural history of this Colorado region come to life through hands-on-exhibits. For example:

  • Learn how the Magpie builds its nest.
  • See the replicated skull of a Camptosaurus, a dinosaur from the Jurassic Period, found in the Park.
  • Read about the American Indian tribes who wintered in our Park.

Current List of Exhibits at the Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center

Six foot Topographical Map of the Garden of the Gods Park with buttons lighting locations.

Talking Rocks with touch screen interactive displays and sounds on 144 topics of the flora, fauna and history of the area in Spanish and English.

Life-sized replicas of two Buffalo and a Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
of the Pikes Peak Region.

7 Hands-On Displays
The Red Rock People
Daybreak Detective
Rocks of the Garden Geology
Clues to the Past
Jurassic World
Mountains of Colorado
Homes in the Rocks

9 Full-Color Information Displays
The Gift of the Garden
The Mountain People
Colorado Native Grasslands
Buckskin Charlie
Raising the Tipi
Wall of Historic Photos
Pinon-Juniper Woodlands
Zebulon Pike
Katherine Lee Bates

6 Dioramas
Birds of the Pikes Peak Region
The Life Cycle of the Yucca Plant
How a Magpie builds it's nest
A Spring Moment in the Garden with a Prairie Falcon (outside)
A Summer Moment in the Garden with mallards (outside)
A Fall Moment in the Garden with a coyote and rabbit (outside)
A Winter Moment in the Garden (outside)

5 Geology Murals
the Garden    
 2 Billion Years Ago
300 Million Years Ago
150 Million Years Ago
80 Million Years Ago
25,000 Years Ago

Rich Buzzelli

Rich Buzzelli was known as the Garden's own Landscape Photographer and devoted his life to photographing its most spectacular moments. Rich hoped that his work would promote increased awareness of the importance of preserving the Garden of the Gods and other precious natural areas. He was struck by lightning on Pikes Peak in July of 1995 and died at the age of 37.